“We love sending Tripp to a school where he can freely talk and learn about Jesus and apply it to his young life. While at Grace Christian, he is being immersed in a Christ centered environment.”

~The Stolitza Family


Mayhugh“It’s amazing to me that every time  I put my child on the bus in the morning that her final destination is to a school where not only will she receive the academics that she needs in life but also obtain the biblical education that she needs to thrive. It’s such a blessing that we have Grace Christian School in our community to help our children become Mighty Warriors for Christ. ”

                                     ~The Mayhugh Family



“I enjoy Christian friendships at GCS.”

~Cole FiscusEmminger

“The teachers make you feel as if you are an equal and not inferior.”

                   ~Jared Emminger




“Grace Christian School is full of big hearts, helping hands, a willingness to learn and the ability to teach. All great attributes that play an important part in our everyday lives.”

~Kunst Family


“The main difference I have seen between public school and GCS students is that in public schools students prey on the weak at GCS students pray for the weak.”

           ~Mr. Atwood Jr./Sr. High Teacher




“Holden had a difficult time adjusting to school at first, but Mrs. Luke made him feel so welcome and really calmed our worries by being such a sweet and patient teacher.  It has been a blessing to have a local Christian school full of teachers that love and serve Christ.  Thank you GRACE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL and Mrs. Luke for the Christian influence you have on our son. ”

~The Seyler Family