Grace Endowment

Donate to Grace Endowment:    

The purpose of the fund is to support Grace Christian School.

This endowment fund is a “forever fund” for GCS. The contributions are invested, and each year grants are made from the earnings of the fund. 5% of the fund will be granted to GCS each year and as the fund grows, it will be able to better support the important work of the school… forever!

Contributions to the fund are accepted from anyone at any time. You may make a donation by check, credit card (recurring payments available), or online. We also accept gifts of securities (stocks and bonds), life insurance, charitable trusts, and bequests (in your will).

Community Foundation, Serving the Heart of Western Pennsylvania is responsible for investing The Grace Brethren Church Endowment Fund and has an excellent record of safe, dependable performance.  The form below can be used to make a donation.  Click here for hard copy