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March 9, 2012

 Dear Parents,

Below is a list of IMPORTANT DATES. Please mark your calendars.

March 15th, Field trip to Lutheryn Environment Education Center for Kindergarten through 10th grade students. Please return the permission slip and $10.40 admission fee by Monday, March 12th. The PTO will be covering the cost of the pancake lunch. Those students that do not attend the field trip will be stay at Grace Christian School with a teacher and work on their research paper about maple sugaring. If the fee is a financial burden please contact Mrs. Hankinson.

March 17th, Spaghetti Dinner/entertainment show afterwards.  We still have tickets available. Please invite your family and friends to support Grace Christian School. Also this is a great opportunity to get volunteer hours your help with the spaghetti dinner would be appreciated.  

March 29th, Open House 7:00-9:00 If you know of anyone who may be interested in enrolling they child invite them to the perspective students open house. The open house offers another opportunity for volunteer hours, as we need cookies and servers for the open house.

 -April 12th, Financial Aide Seminar 6:00-8:00 we will go through each of the scholarships that are available and what is needed to apply for each.  The income level has increased to $60,000 plus an additional $12,000 for each child at home.  There are deadlines for the different scholarships.  We often advise our parents or prospective parents to apply even if you are not sure about the next school year.  If you miss the deadlines, you will not be eligible for state/county scholarships.  If you decide your child will not be coming we take the studentís name off the list at the beginning of the year.

-April 13th, Last day for early registration discount. ($50 for each child registered)

 -May 15th, Last day to register without late fee.

 -GCS is offering our own $300 scholarship per student for 50 hours of volunteer hours per school year. (This is per family, not per student.)

Sandy Hankinson/GCS Administrator